In One Photo: Penang

It’s not easy to sum up the entire experience of a place in just one photo. It’s also hard to keep up with documenting everything you see when you change cities every few nights. Backpacker problems. So for now, when I don’t have time (or enough to say) about a certain place I’ll pick my favorite photo from the day and let that tell a little story for itself.  Here’s to your short attention spans! Weeeeeeee. Enjoy!

Rickshaw Penang Malaysia
A hard day in the life of a rickshaw driver in Georgetown. American customers are so demanding.


Well dang, it was more difficult to choose just one photo than I expected, because now that I think about it, the thing that stood out to me the most about Georgetown was the street art. It’s actually quite a hip little artsy neighborhood. This mural of the kids on the bike is one of the most recognizable in the area. It’s on posters and t-shirts too.

Street art in Georgetown, Penang
Jamie and Caitlin carefully waiting to cross the street.

And, just for kicks….

CAUTION: Old people crossing.

— Michelle

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  1. Narin Phakaithong says:

    Hello ! I’m monk that you met at Monk chat office in Chiang Mai,Thailand. I have read about your journal and very happy to read it.It is so many interesting topic that shown about your ideas and experience on the writing I love to read the journal,articles and I very funny with your photo,it is so nice picture and good meaning on that I think ! Can you write about our “Monk chat” ? and tell your friends what do you think about us. I look forward to read more on your journal and see more the nice picture.

    “Narin Phakaithong”
    0:38 A.M.

    1. michkwu says:

      Hi Narin! It was very nice to meet you and the the monks yesterday at the Monk Chat! It is a very cool program, I’m glad we got the chance to go. Yes, I do plan on writing a post about the Monk Chat soon!

      Thanks for checking out the blog.

      – Michelle

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