This is the story of two girls, who after many years of dreaming and talking about it, decided to leave their jobs, friends, and family behind to go see the world.

Follow us as we trek, discover, explore, stumble, learn, teach, and try not get lost. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

We plan to start in India and travel across Southeast Asia. We will document our adventures here.


Asia is cheap to travel in and obviously has the best food! Asia is so far away from our homes, New York and San Francisco, that it’s not that easy to explore by taking a long weekend trip or even a few weeks off work. There is so much to do and see, amazing beaches, temples, villages, wildlife, cities, food — we don’t want to miss anything. We want to really spend some time and explore the whole region.


Why not now?  If not now, when?!

But more so, now is a good time for us since we don’t have any mortgages or babies, and after years of hard work and many conference calls and web-x meetings, we have been able to save up some funds. The years of our 20s are closing fast and we are not getting any younger. Now is the time. 2013: Year of the vagabond!

Seriously, just make some plans and go. What are you waiting for?

There is so much world out there.

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