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Thoughts of Nepal in the Wake of the Earthquake

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Himalayas. I was in the middle of an excruciatingly long and bumpy bus ride, one of many I would take in the course of my six week journey around Nepal. I … Continue reading

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Video: Mastering the Longyi, the Traditional Dress of Myanmar

While the beauty of majestic Myanmar is fresh in my mind after the last post, let’s talk about the art of the longyi. The longyi, or longi, or longee, (pronounced simply lon-gee), is basically a long wrap skirt made out … Continue reading

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The Faces of Myanmar — A Photo Essay of a Remarkable Place

Dear Myanmar, You stole my heart from day one. From your majestic, dream-like landscapes to your colorful markets and big smiles. I will never forget you. Sincerely, Michelle Note: I will refer to this country as Myanmar because all of the … Continue reading

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Your Ultimate Road Trip Kit: Gadgets to Bring on the Road

If you can get yourself a vehicle, driving can be a really great way to travel when overseas. Especially when you are in a big country with a lot of ground to cover, like Australia. It gives you the freedom … Continue reading

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Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels…Fall in Love With a Woman Who Wants to See the World

I’ve read some of the cute and corny and heavily-clichéd posts about dating or not dating a person who travels, and whether you like them or not the point is the same: For good or for ill, travel will instill … Continue reading

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Literally Touching the Clouds: Paragliding Over Pokhara

My crazy Italian paragliding pilot told me there are two things he loves most about his job: flying next to big birds like eagles, and flying up into the clouds. After launching off the hill and gliding into the air, … Continue reading

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Bukit Lawang: Must Love Orang-Utans. And Rustic Jungle Jams.

Sumatra. I just like saying the word. I like the way it rolls off the tongue; at once sounding mysterious, dark and exotic, igniting the imagination and stirring up all of the things that have driven me to travel to … Continue reading

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Just Havin Some Fun at Angkor Wat

The glorious, sweeping complex of temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia was definitely a big highlight of the trip for me so far. You can easily spend hours wandering through the crumbling doorways, misty corridors, and sun-mottled courtyards of the … Continue reading

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Backpacking in the 21st Century: Gadgets for Staying Charged While on the Road

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I present to you the first, and what probably will be the only episode of “Backpacking in the 21st Century.” Here Jamie and I reveal our secrets to keeping our devices powered up while traveling and … Continue reading

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How to Negotiate with a Tuk Tuk Driver in Bangkok

Hey! Here are some quick, non-comprehensive tips for negotiating with a Tuk Tuk driver — many of these tips could apply anywhere, but Bangkok has some of the sheistiest drivers around. Tuk Tuks may not be the safest form of … Continue reading

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In One Photo: Penang

It’s not easy to sum up the entire experience of a place in just one photo. It’s also hard to keep up with documenting everything you see when you change cities every few nights. Backpacker problems. So for now, when … Continue reading

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A Permanent Blessing: Getting Sacred Tattoos at Wat Bang Phra

We sat cross-legged on the floor in a dim room with around 25 others patiently waiting for a turn before the monk. The monk looked fairly young and he didn’t speak a word to anyone. He barely looked up from … Continue reading

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Falling in Love With Gili Air

I never believed in love at first sight until it happened to me. Last month, I fell in love hard. With a place called Gili Air. The island of Gili Air off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia is one of … Continue reading

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Adventures in Kerala

Before we move too much further in our travels, I’d like to reflect a bit more back on India. Specifically, on the very interesting time we had in Kerala. Expedia somehow mixed up the booking for our hotel at the … Continue reading

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Nine days and counting

My departure date is now in the Ten-Day Forecast. May 25. A one-way ticket to the other side of the planet. Jamie has returned to civilization after 40 days trekking in the Himalayas. We have heard from her and she … Continue reading

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