The (Unapologetic) Island Life

So we will be the first ones to admit: we have done a terrible job keeping up with the blog.

Though, it’s for what I see as a very good reason: For the past few weeks we were living the island life.


There are two main factors that make island life and productivity ย improper bedfellows:

1. Beautiful islands = way too much lounging in the sun, swimming, snorkeling, bike riding, hammock swinging, Bintang drinking, sailing, surfing, ย beach party dancing and sunset watching to be done. And you do want to spend all of your time doing these things. And it is totally worth it (and I have zero guilt about not diverting time to the blog).

2. Lack of reliable wifi. We stayed on 2 islands — Gili Air, which is heaven, by the by, more on that later, and Nusa Lembongan — and in both places a strong wifi connection, like one with enough bandwith to say, stream a short video, was not to be found.

I could live the island life for a while and not get tired of it. Paradise.


Locals collecting various shellfish at sunset, Gili Air

Also, the massages in Indonesia are so cheap and wonderful, about $5-6 for an hour if you bargain. And you always bargain. Jamie is setting a goal to get around 40 massages before the end of the trip.

We’ve started measuring the value of all things in massages now. For example: If it costs $10 to rent stand up paddle boards for an hour…. ehhh that’s like 2 massages.

Travel Tip of the Day: Check on your bank’s international ATM fees. I sooo wish I had switched banks before I left — Bank of America charges a buttload of fees, which usually isn’t too big of a deal but the ATMs here only let you take a max of $150 at a time, and you have to pay for almost everything (hotels, transportation) in cash!

— Michelle

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One Response to The (Unapologetic) Island Life

  1. bnadle says:

    No apologies!
    Enjoy Paradise while you can ๐Ÿ™‚

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